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ALBUM: Brendan Benson - ’You Were Right’

Monday 25 November 2013, by Chris Bound


US guitar-weilding songster Brendan Benson has certainly been keeping himself busy over the last few years. Despite releasing his first solo album in the mid 90s, the majority of his work has all happened in the last decade, not to mention his contribution as a member of The Raconteurs on their last two albums. But with his now sixth solo effort ready to go, what kind of legacy is Benson looking to form this time around?

’You Were Right’ is a strange balance of two sides to Benson’s image. On the one hand, you have the gruff, country boy instilling heart-warming prose through a strained yet beautiful voice. And the other is one that aiming for a glossy popstar, a diamond in the rough so to speak. The album ends up sounding a little too corny to be taken seriously and lacks a lot of what we know Benson is capable of. Tracks like ’Diamond’ and ’Rejuvenate Me’ come across as a watered down Beck but have this rather cheesy sound that almost puts you off from finishing the first listen.

It’s not a terrible album but does seem to be stuck in a certain time and place, mainly that time and place was the US pop charts of the mid 90s. We know he capable of more here but this just seems like a rushed effort and far removed from the intensity of his previous releases.