The 1975 - 'Notes On A Conditional Form'


In the last decade, there hasn't been a band that has managed to capture the broad and adventurous scope of pop music as The 1975. While starting off as a run-of-the-mill outfit with a handful of catchy tunes, they have continued to grow and adapt their sound through bigger and more vibrant aesthetics to create a catalogue of music that has seen many see them as the future of British music around the world. And after nearly a year of buzz surrounding their fourth studio album 'Notes On A Conditional Form', it may seem like the gears are finally starting to rust on the group.

On their third LP 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships', the vision was crystal clear. They were no longer interested in being another throwaway group of radio-friendly cuts, but were looking the push the boundaries of their sound and create something that would truly stand the test of time. But on 'Notes On A Conditional Form', it feels like they are trying to achieve far too much at once. With a sprawling 22-song tracklist, the ambition was always there, but even after a few singles in, it is clear that this record has a very loose and sometimes non-existent flow to it, making it difficult to enjoy as one full-length release.

Overall, 'Notes On A Conditional Form' plays as a vibrant and diverse collection of new ideas, but one that jars quite significantly when placed next to one another. Less of an album and more of a compilation, this new release sees them push themselves a little too far, losing their identity and direction in the process.

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