2016: Music, Memes and More

To say that 2016 was culturally one of the most devastating years in modern history would be an understatement. Not only did we lose some of the most important musical icons the world has ever seen, the year was also tarnished by a series of catastrophic events that will probably leave the world looking like a dramatically different place by this time next year. But rather than dwell on the awfulness of what has transpired this year, we have decided to look back at some of the year's more light-hearted moments in music so that we can end the year thinking that maybe it wasn't all bad after all.

B.O.B. and his flat earth

Before the start of 2016, rapper B.O.B. was better known for a series of hits he had more than five years ago. A string of massive singles including 'Airplanes' and 'Magic' gave the MC a rapid assent into the limelight. But at the start of the year, B.O.B. made headlines once again for claiming that the world was flat. Now we've all seen celebrity meltdowns before and initially, this looked no different. But his complete belief in this mad theory was so forceful, it ended up having to be debated on the news of all places. Genuine scientists were wheeled out to explain exactly why B.O.B. was wrong, wasting everyones time in the process. And while the rapper did release new material this year, none of his latest single managed to chart. So if it was a publicly stunt, it backfired dramatically.

Ariana Grande impresses with impressions

Over the last few years, pint-sized popstar Ariana Grande had managed to find herself with an unfair reputation. For whatever reason, the press had begun painting her as a strict and uptight diva. But rather than hit back in a way that could have made the situation worse, the singer featured in a sketch on popular US comedy show Saturday Night Live that changed the public's perception of her forever. In the sketch, Grande plays an intern at music streaming service Tidal. After a power cut shuts down most of the sites most favourable artists, Grande is then asked to step in and copy their voices in an attempt to pass them off as the real thing. The impressions, which include Britney Spears, Shakira and Rihanna, are so brilliant and funny that it became one of the most viral sketches in SNL history and gave her a whole image in the public eye.

Trump can't pronounce Beyonce

While there didn't seem to be anything Donald Trump could have said to lose him the recent US election (and it turns out there wasn't), it was one particular speech that left him more out of touch than anyone could have predicted. In the final days of the campaigns, Hilary Clinton aimed to reach out to the younger voters in the country and had Beyonce and Jay-Z perform a free concert for her followers. And while there was nothing particularly special or surprising about their endorsement, Trump as always had something to say about it. But the fact that he couldn't even pronounce Beyonce's name right seemed to speak volumes to the youth of America. I mean seriously, how have you gotten to this point in life and not know about the accent at the end of her name.

Muse drone crash

You may remember, or possibly like to forget, that Muse released an album called 'Drones' last year. While the politically-unsubtle release was met with, let's say, mixed reviews, the subsequent tour that followed it was as every bit dramatic as you would have expected from them. But things ended up a little too dramatic at one of their London shows earlier this year when an actual drone, flying above the audience, lost power just minutes into the performance, causing it to slowly crash into the fans below. Thankfully no-one was hurt as the drone itself was largely inflatable, but it did manage to sum up a lot of feelings towards Muse's career at this point.

Adele's third Brit Awards Speech

To wrap this up, we thought we'd end on one of our favourite moments of the year, and that was solely down to Adele. At this year's BRIT awards, Adele swept up three awards in total. And while her speeches for Best British Album and Best Female Solo Artist were nice enough, it was her speech for the Global Success Award that really gave us her true self. Adele has somehow managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground since becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and this brief moment of alcohol-fuelled emotion just showed us exactly how humble and hilarious she still is.