Angel Olsen - 'All Mirrors'


Over the years, Chicago-native Angel Olsen has built a bold and vibrant reputation as one of the US's most engaging crooners. Much like contemporaries such as Lana Del Rey, she has seen her sound grow and evolve over the years into a fierce and explosive spectacle which now has the whole world watching. But after a devastating break-up during the tour for her previous LP 'My Woman', she decided that the path she had been exploring was no longer for her as she now heads back to her more intimate beginnings on her fourth full-length 'All Mirrors'.

While written during a period of musical and personal insolation, the general sound of this return feels more inviting than we initially thought. While she is obviously going to great lengths to rediscover herself on this new collection, there are plenty of moments where we feel like she is still looking to push her sound forward throughout. Opening up with the gloriously atmospheric single 'Lark', Olsen has written an album that best expresses her solitary condition, but with such an awe-inspiring level of production, we feel that she is ready to explode once again as each track feels like a ticking time-bomb of emotion and tenacity.

It is fair to say that no matter her frame of mind, the music she produces always leaves us wanting more. 'All Mirrors' may be her yearning to return to a simpler time in her career, but it still packs itself with so much energy and passion that it is hard to see her in any other guise than this one.

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