Another Sky - 'I Slept On The Floor'


The rise of Another Sky has been a welcome but unexpected one in some cases. While the talent and intrigue around the band has been circulating since their initial releases in 2018, it has been the commercial and radio world's embrace of them that seems very rare, especially as there isn't a part of their sound that many would consider mainstream. But despite that, the more pop-focused world is clearly ready to dip its toes into the more abstract realm as Another Sky release their long-awaited debut album 'I Slept On The Floor', a warm and atmospheric release that brings wondrous soundscapes back to the forefront.

Since their earliest beginnings, Another Sky have always looked to bring a more diverse and distinct sound to their repertoire. Channelling the grand and sweeping energy of the post-rock sound and combining it with a more humbled guise, that almost finds them following in the footsteps of London Grammar at times, 'I Slept On The Floor' is one of those rare records that circumnavigates almost every expected convention and yet still maintains an almost familiar sound. It's this subtle blend of engaging yet adventurous intention that gives their debut full-length such a fresh and vibrant sound, something we all knew this record would be.

Another Sky are firmly still in their infancy, but 'I Slept On The Floor' feels like the release of an outfit with ten-times their experience. With its majestic pursuit of big and euphoric sounds, there is rarely a moment that sees them falter on here, giving us one of the year's more breathtaking offerings so far.

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