Anteros - 'When We Land'


Throughout 2018, there was hardly a month going by that we weren't treated to something new from Anteros. The group proved themselves an instant hit with critics and fans alike, and ended up becoming one of the most prolific new outfits of the year. And after all that hype and acclaim, the group are finally ready to deliver the first major milestone of their career in the form of their debut album 'When We Land', a release that looks to bring together the best of their work so far and push the expectations of themselves even further than we thought possible.

What this new full-length manages to do at its core, is deliver a strong and diverse collection that seems to pay homage to the band's multiple influences. While opening up with the standard sound of 'Call Your Mother', it moves into singles like 'Ring Ring' and 'Honey' which have this more post-punk aesthetic to them, proving that they identify more with a retro inspiration like Blondie than anything more contemporary. From there, the record aims to pool a wide range of contrasting styles from 70s new wave to 90s Britpop to create an era-spanning collection of ideas, all wrapped in a modern direction.

Yet despite a clear focus on numerous intentions, 'When We Land' has this strong cohesive quality to it, as the band keep true to their chosen part throughout and never feels like it strays at any point. The result is a fresh and vibrant approach to their retro influences and a strong and confident debut from start to finish, which will only go on to fan the flames of their buzz so far.

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