ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 146 Terror Jr

With hard production-infused RnB currently becoming the next hot ticket to chart success, many acts have taken on the new sound in order to appeal more to a mass audience. But newcomers Terror Jr aren't just doing it for the fame, they are actively looking to push the boundaries of today's popular music zeitgeist.

Made up of producers Felix Snow and former Cataracs member David Benjamin Singer-Vine, as well as a mystery singer simply going by the alias Lisa, the trio have quickly become one of the world's next big taking points. With their debut EP 'Bop City' receiving huge acclaim after its release in October last year, the group have returned already with brand new EP and its latest single 'Appreciation'.

Much like their work to date, 'Appreciation' follows that same forward-thinking approach to mainstream production, as they look to add something different to the already over-saturated pop music market.

Their new EP 'Bop Music 2: TerroRising' is due out on the 16th June, and you can check out 'Appreciation' in the player below.