Ever since Coldplay teamed up with Avicii on their last record, the stadium-sound of British indie music has been given a real shot in the arm. Now bands are looking to sound bigger than they ever could, but one newcomer seems to have nailed it right out of the park.

Over the course of 2017, OUTLYA have released a string of singles including 'Heaven', 'Higher' and 'The Light', all of which have managed huge acclaim from almost everyone. But their latest release 'Howl' is looking to be the game-changer they have been looking for.

With its euphoric chorus and thunderous production, 'Howl' sets itself up as a real beast of a record. Managing that subtle balance of rock music with a strong pop sensibility, it displays not only the impact the band intend to create, but also shows other newcomers just how big they can be.

'Howl' is available now through Closer Recordings/Virgin EMI, and you can check it out in the player below.