ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 163 Superorganism

Back at the beginning of the year, an unusual new song arrived in people's lives known as 'Something For Your Mind'. The band responsible for it were a mystery at the time, and now several months on, we are no closer to knowing who they are, but will soon find this track almost everywhere.

What we know about Superorganism so far is that there are eight of them. Seven resident in London, while the band's head honcho lives out in Maine, USA. The band is a multicultural collection of musicians from Japan, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the UK and US, and their music is quite simply addictive.

After months of being a self-released act, the band recently signed to Domino Records, and hence 'Something For Your Mind' is getting an official release very soon. The band set to play a number of shows throughout Europe in the coming months, and you can check out the new official video for 'Something For Your Mind' in the player below.