ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 214 Three Day Millionaires

With the rise of bands like Slaves and IDLES over the last couple of years, British punk is very much in the limelight once again, and one of the most eagerly-anticipated newcomers in the scene are Hull's Three Day Millionaires.

Coming from a city like Hull, the three-piece have seen their hometown go from one of the country's major fishing industries to one of the poorest places to live in the UK. A recipe of pride and heritage is strung into the band's ethos as they unveil their latest single 'The Snub', a raucous and energetic new cut that breathes fire and fury throughout.

Speaking on the track, bassist/vocalist Daniel Harrison said, "I remember walking into practice one night with the chord progression for the chorus and the vocal melody. It was always going to be a feel-good song, at least lyrically, but I distinctly remember feeling like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was like the song grasped all my negative emotions and energy and turned them into something positive. I feel great every time we play it".

Three Day Millionaires are set to perform at a string of shows in the coming months, including one at London's The Dev on the 11th November, and you can check out 'The Snub' in the player below.