Having been a massive name on the capital's underground music scene for the last year, selling out live shows left, right and centre, singer-songwriter Gazel now looks to push her talent onto the world stage with the unveiling of her debut single 'Pointing At The Moon'.

Working with top-tier talent such as Haydn Bendall (Kate Bush, Massive Attack) and Shuta Shinoda (Ghostpoet, Hot Chip), plus with artwork contributions and interactive fiction created by Acid Lake, the frontwoman has already set herself up for a glittering career, not to mention sharing a captivating new video for her latest release.

Speaking about the clip for 'Pointing At The Moon', she said, “This video shows Gazel in a library that has been waiting for her to arrive. The Turning Library shifts shape as she moves through the room, deciphering a series of notes left for her by the former librarian Maxwell.”

With director Glen Travis adding, “We wanted to create a fluid journey for the character and play with space as she explores the Library. With reference to the work of Robby Müller, strong colour casts paint the journey and Gazel’s performance”.

Gazel plans to release her debut album 'Gazel's Book of Souls', a concept piece telling the story of eight inherited characters, very soon and will next be seen at London's Pickle Factory on the 21st November. Watch the new video for 'Pointing At The Moon' in the player below.