ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 220 Jacko Hooper

Following a year of writing and taking a step back from performing live, Brighton-based singer-songwriter Jacko Hooper has now returned to deliver his latest EP 'Together We're Lost', featuring the brilliant new single 'The Long Road'.

With its wonderfully ethereal atmosphere, 'The Long Road' sits as one of the more romantic cuts on his new release. Coupling his soothing voice with a softly played guitar and brass section, the new track conjures images of sombre nights, deep in your own thoughts, as well as adding a broad and heartfelt lift throughout.

Speaking about his new release, the frontman said, “I don’t feel that the original story of why I wrote the song is necessarily the most important thing, I think the fact people can listen to it and all of a sudden it becomes a different story with a totally different meaning is the best thing of all, to be able to connect to it people need it to be their story, not mine”.

His new EP 'Together We're Lost' is available now via Folklore Sessions, and you can check out the new single 'The Long Road' in the player below.