Aldo was formed by the Faria brothers in honour of their Uncle Aldo. A once wayward character, Aldo lived an edgy lifestyle in 1990’s Brazil. He would take the young boys on journeys into São Paulo’s dark underbelly introducing them to scenes of illegal car racing, suspicious back-alley negotiations, football gang violence and carnival parties, all drenched in alcohol. Now a changed man and his nephews fully grown, he has given his blessing for the pair to adopt his namesake as they begin their careers as Aldo, and share their latest single 'Trembling Eyelids'.

Emerging like a Brazilian version of Metronomy, the duo have cornered a smooth and groove-filled place for themselves already. Lifted from their forthcoming new EP, 'Trembling Eyelids' is filled with atmospheric synths and an instantly engaging bassline that will have you humming it for days on end.

Accompanied by a new video directed by Argentinian filmmaker, Santi Dulce, the clip was filmed in a traditional São Paulo churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ restaurant) frequented by the brothers’ Uncle Aldo in the 1990’s, and features the band performing live in front of a room of dining customers.

Watch the video for 'Trembling Eyelids' in the player below.