ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 242 Nadia Nair

Since releasing her debut album 'Beautiful Poetry' back in 2016, Swedish-Indian frontwoman Nadia Nair has been releasing a steady stream of singles ever since. But with previous cuts 'K' and 'Sway' adopting a more organic sound, she has moved towards a more futuristic aesthetic to her music as she unveils her latest track 'See Things'.

Growing up in Gothenburg, the singer has always been surrounded by musical innovation. Having first learned the violin at an early age, she became captivated by the way music could be used and manipulated to create unconventional sounds, and this is exactly what we hear on 'See Things'. Teaming up with 3x Swedish Grammy nominated rapper Mwuana, she delivers a warped and diverse single that takes the RnB genre and moves it through a series of filters and concepts in order to conceive something truly unique to her.

Spilt between Nadia's soaring vocals and Mwuana's soothing flow, the pair conjure up a wonderfully deep and moving new release, that channels the wave of emotions you feel after a relationship breaks down.

Have a listen to 'See Things' in the player below.