ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 28 Courtney Barnett

While she may be considered a cult name in her home country of Australia, not much has been said about the singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett over here in the UK, but it seems all that is about to change with the rising expectations surrounding her debut solo album 'Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit'.

Having spent the last few years as part of a number of low-key rock bands, Barnett went truly DIY back in 2012, founding her own label Milk! Records and setting herself out as a solo artist.

Over the next few years, she released a handful of EPs to huge acclaim throughout a number of country's esteemed musical press, but this year is looking to be the one that sends her rocketing to the forefront popular music.

With the sudden rise of rock music back in the limelight, the time has never been better for Barnett to get herself established and the unveiling of her latest single 'Pedestrian At Best' is the proof that she has what it takes to get noticed.

Her new album 'Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit' will be available to own from the 23rd March, and you can watch the new video for 'Pedestrian At Best' in the player below.