Thanks to the Internet, the time it takes for an artist to get discovered, played and then exposed to a wider audience is happening quicker and quicker. But London-based singer Mabel seems to have managed to compress all the buzz around her into just one track and its sending the music press crazy.

With only a few hundreds likes on Facebook and a modest Twitter audience, Mabel's debut single 'Know Me Better' has already been played on numerous Radio 1 and 1Xtra shows, as well as featuring in the UK viral chart on Spotify at the end of August.

With a brilliantly soft vocal over a smooth rhythm, 'Know Me Better' is one of the true sounds of UK RnB and certainly makes a huge impression on you after you've listened to it. Mabel has one of those recognisable yet rich voices that fits well with her chosen production and makes for an incredibly engaging listen.

Have a listen to 'Know Me Better' in the player below.