As an artist that has been honing his craft for many years, the work of emerging artist KYRI recently found a home of the piano. Mixing bold production with a soft and swooning pretence, the artist now unveils his debut single 'Red River'.

Passionate about the enriching words of author Eckhart Tolle & inspired by nature, LGBTQ rights and his Greek ancestry, KYRI’s ethereal music explores themes of higher consciousness, mindfulness, connectedness of all life & positive personal growth. With stories of hardship & darkness and the search for peace & light, KYRI’s atmospheric soundscapes & gospel-inspired harmony invite you into his forest of feeling.

Speaking to the motivation behind 'Red River', KYRI states, "‘Red River’ is a realisation of self-worth & an act of becoming. It tells the tale of a being who has been downtrodden, mistreated or marginalized by society, family or friends, or even him/herself. This song documents the moment, the decision, where He/Her decides ‘no more’, and to beautiful consequences. On a deeply personal, psychological and spiritual level, the listener witnesses the death of the ego, followed by a dance into freedom self-care & true happiness."

'Red River' is available to stream and download now and you can check it out in the player below.