ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.251 - Eyelar

Even though she only just made her first artist collaboration with rising star Yxng Bane on the single ‘Breakfast’ at the end of last year, this was not the first time that Eyelar's name had appeared on a record. As a writer for the likes of Charli XCX and Bastille, the Dutch-born but London-based frontwoman has been making some serious waves behind the scenes over the last few years, and now looks to go it alone with her debut single 'Voices'.

Mixing up the sounds of grunge and electro-pop, 'Voices' aims to become the benchmark of her musical direction. Emotive and honest lyrics that explore deepest feelings and sexuality are the backbone of her sound, and they come out in full force on this initial release that looks to pack one hell of a punch throughout.

Speaking about her new single, she said, "I love my thoughts. They’re like voices in my head. They make me feel loved and not alone. ‘Voices’ is literally about that. Having positive thoughts created somewhere in the world and entering your mind like they’re yours. Some of the voices are mine, some of the voices are intuition, some of the voices are my mums, so many positive and loving voices that help me live and do whatever I want. I hope this song will help people find their own loving voices like I did, because they are in there, even if they are wrapped some negatives ones!"

Eyelar recently performed her debut live show at Barn On The Farm, and is also planning a number of other live gigs for the rest of the year, Check out the new video for 'Voices' in the player below.