ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.295 - Dust In The Sunlight

Having already dazzled us with their wonderfully spacey initial singles 'Strangest Places' and their self-titled debut over the last few months, emerging alt-pop duo Dust In The Sunlight have now returned to deliver their highly-anticipated eponymous debut EP.

Matching the same atmospheric and euphoric energy as acts like The xx and Beach House, 'Dust In The Sunlight' cements the pair as a broad and adventurous outfit with spades of rich and electric chemistry. Led up by their latest offering 'Winter Monday', this new delight showcases their more humbled aesthetic as they look to swap the airy production for something far more minimal.

Speaking about their new collection, they said, "These four songs represent the first leg of our journey together. We’ve come from meeting at Get Cape Wear Cape Fly’s recording session to traveling from Southend to London to write songs together, arranging and recording them with our producer Aviv, signing with Project Melody, and now we’re here. It’'s been quite a ride! We want these songs to tell a story, and for anyone who listens to them to be able to connect with that. Whether you’re imagining driving home late at night under the cover of streetlights or wandering through the streets of your old home town - they exist to take you somewhere. We’re so happy to finally share them with the world and can't wait for what's yet to come."

Have a listen to their new eponymous debut EP in full via the player below.