ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.298 - Juni Ata

Despite regularly recording music for the last few years, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Juni Ata never originally planned to release any of the songs he had created. But thanks to some kind words from a close friend, and the unfortunate circumstances dictated by a global pandemic, his music will finally see the light of day this summer, starting with the sweeping new track 'Philadelphia'.

While the singer-songwriter scene may be reaching capacity saturation right now, there is always space for an act like Juni Ata to enter the landscape as his sound channels some of the richest and most uplifting soul we have heard in very long time. Bringing that same euphoric energy as Brendan Benson and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, this new offering is the perfect remedy to shake off those lockdown blues and let yourself get truly swept off your feet.

'Philadelphia' is the first track to be taken from the frontman's forthcoming debut album ‘Saudade’ (sow-da-day), a Portuguese word loosely translated as “a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing”, which is set to be released independently through Flying On Fire Records on the 21st August.

Have a listen to 'Philadelphia' in the player below.