ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.301 - Sad Night Dynamite

As artists such as Easy Life and Glass Animals bring the psych-pop sound to a more mainstream audience, the arrival of a more pop-focused outfit in the scene was almost inevitable. And despite only making themselves known in the last few days, newcomers Sad Night Dynamite are already set to become the next big name to look out for.

After unveiling their debut single 'Icy Violence' at the start of the week, the duo have already racked up tens of thousands of streams, and are set to become one of the biggest breakthrough acts of the year so far. With their distinct spacey and psychedelic sound blended with rich and diverse production, this new release is a genre-bending delight, filled with twists and turns throughout.

Speaking about their new offering, the band said, "We wrote 'Icy Violence' almost a year ago today. It had been a really hot few weeks and we’d been putting the song together for a while by then. There's a beach theme but also a kidnapping and a darkness around it. The end really reminds us of the area we grew up in - green countryside and Glastonbury. We finished it and remember thinking it was either a mess, or the first song we’d written that made sense. It was the obvious one to start the project."

'Icy Violence' will feature on Sad Night Dynamite's debut mixtape, set to follow later this year. Watch the new video for it in the player below.