Asylums - 'Killer Brain Waves'


Since their conception a few years ago, indie-punk's Asylums have committed to the DIY lifestyle like no-one else. With a grit and determination to stay independent, the Essex outfit have come through the critical early stages of their career and arrived with their explosive debut album 'Killer Brain Waves'. A full-length which mixes previous material with brand new content.

When the group released their 'Wet Dream Fanzine' EP last year, you could instantly tell that this lot were out to do their own thing. With a tenacity and energy that could only come from pure passion, the band relish in the fact that they call the shots in what they do. And that mindset continues throughout 'Killer Brain Waves' as each track aims to be as entertaining and enjoyable as the one that preceded it. Fuzzy guitars and singalong choruses swarm through this release and gives us a snapshot of their outstanding work to date.

Uncompromising fun would be the best way to describe this release. It is not the most well-rounded album we have heard in this ilk, but it certainly fills the job of being interesting to listen to. Supergrass fans should definitely take this lot under their wings.

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