The Avett Brothers - 'True Sadness'


While country music is still a humble yet growing genre in the UK, the USA obviously has taken it completely to their soul and one of the most prolific outfits in the country is The Avett Brothers. Now onto their ninth studio album, the band have taken a very open course with their sound on this new release, involving Rick Rubin on production and citing Queen, Nine Inch Nails and Tom Petty as influences.

While that may sound like a mismatched collection of inspirations, you certainly understand where they are coming from once the music plays. The opener 'Ain't No Man' has elements of 'We Will Rock You' about it, while 'Mama, I Don't Believe' could have been any number of Tom Petty songs. But what is most enjoyable about this album is how accessible they have made the country sound. The genre is still a bit of a turn-off outside of the States, and this lot have managed to turn down the fanfare and deliver a contemporary sounding release.

Beautiful and elegant in its writing, 'True Sadness' is not as depressing as its title suggests. A well-rounded and well-production full-length, this will certainly see their fanbase grow outside of their home nation.

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