Baio - 'Man Of The World'


When Chris Baio released his debut solo album 'The Names' back in 2015, to say we were impressed would be an understatement. The bass player took some time away from his more familiar outfit, Vampire Weekend, to deliver a record with an insane amount of joy and power packed into it. Clearly not finish with his personal endeavours, the frontman/producer has returned just two years later to unleash its far more eclectic follow-up 'Man Of The World'.

While 'The Names' had its far share of diversity, it all came from this similar backdrop of loveable electro-indie pop. And while 'Man Of The World' follows that same avenue, there seems to be a far more dexterous approach to production and direction on this new release. With a harder focus on the musical accompaniment this time round, Baio's second full-length is an audible delight that sees him grow from being just another side-project to a fully-fledged musical mastermind.

But after 'The Names' was a total separation from the tone of Vampire Weekend, this album is far more in tune with his original band and fans of their ilk will certainly enjoy this a lot more. But it all feels like just the beginning for the bass player, as he is clearly growing fond of his new skin.

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