BANKS - 'Goddess'


As one of the most prominent names in the underground music scene, BANKS has managed to build an almost flawless reputation around herself in the last several months. Since releasing her debut single 'Before I Ever Met You' at the beginning of last year, she has grown into one of the most in-demand artists of the year. Her captivating style of songwriting, mixed with forward-thinking production, has given her a very unique sound which she has brought to life on her debut album 'Goddess'.

With such great competition from similar artists like Lorde and Grimes, BANKS has still managed to deliver on her initial buzz and conceive a record with all the soul and passion that we have heard on her preceding singles. It has this over-arching sense of elation, despite its generally down-beat tone, and manages to fill itself well with her signature sound that never really strays or moves into unfamiliar territory.

If there is anything bad to say it is that the record doesn't seem to flex its muscles very much and after a while, can become quite tiresome. But with such quality on the album, 'Goddess' is a hugely accomplished release, if a little repetitive at times.

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