Barns Courtney - '404'


Since the release of his debut album 'The Attractions Of Youth' in 2017, frontman Barns Courtney has been on a serious rush to build his name. While still relatively unknown when his first full-length dropped, the artist has since been pushing his name and music into every crevice imaginable, playing numerous shows and having his singles featured across a range of media. But as he now releases his sophomore full-length '404', it is clear that he has moved away from his initial beginnings as his return sees him filled with a euphoric and uplifting joy we rarely get to hear these days.

With notable influences coming from MGMT, Of Monsters And Men and Kings Of Leon, big and bold anthems are the main intention of this return, delivering one catchy earworm after another. There is no easing into this new collection as the frontman aims to dazzle from the very start, lining up the fresh and vibrant trio of singles 'Hollow', 'You & I' and '99' to kick of this impressive new release. Lacking in all the usual pretence that can plague an artist's second record, Barns Courtney has stripped away any sense of slowing down in order to create an album that has this almost juggernaut like feel, growing in intensity at almost every turn.

He may not be the household name he deserves to be, but this new release is filled with so much energy and tenacity, it is impossible to ignore. An absolute ball-buster of a record that just seems to never stop having fun with itself. Barns Courtney has looked to make a serious impression on his return, and it is fair to say that he has definitely achieved it.

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