Beach House - '7'


Over the years, Baltimore-based duo Beach House have become very much the centre on the dream-pop movement. Their woozy, atmospheric tones and ethereal production has made them one of the most captivating units working in the scene today. And while their imagination was certainly not involved when it came to naming their seventh studio album, the pair have still managed to bring a wealth of creativity to this new release.

From the start, '7' likes to see itself a diverse separation from what many would have expected from these two. While the brooding atmosphere still remains, the eclectic way they have managed to juggle with pace and flow makes this a really captivating listen. Rather than just slip into their usual ways, the pair are branching themselves out to deliver a broad collection of ideas that manage to strike a chord again and again.

It may feel like a record that needs multiple listens to thoroughly enjoy, but it is definitely worth it this time around. '7' is proof that while they may be lost when it comes rekindling their initial fire, there are still plenty of sparks ready to ignite.

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