Best Coast - 'Always Tomorrow'


Throughout the early 2010s, there seemed to be no point in which music circles wouldn't be discussing Best Coast. Their laid-back and breezy approach to the surf-rock sound was an enticing and inviting mixture that almost everyone seemed to be on board with. But after three successful records, the duo went ominously quiet for more than five years, leaving many to wonder whether they would ever return. And after only a couple of new tracks in recent months, the pair announced 'Always Tomorrow', their fourth full-length that sees them add a dose of high-energy to their normally laid-back aesthetic.

Fans of their early work may be pleasantly surprised when switching onto 'Always Tomorrow' for the first time, especially given how light and lo-fi they used to be. The record's opening track 'Different Light' sets a fast and full-on pace that manages to keep itself moving forward throughout much of this new collection. It almost feels like Best Coast have been stored away for far too long and the duo have just had this rush of ideas that they just need to get out, making for a fun and vibrant return that looks to separate them from their early work while also staying very much involved in the overall sound of it.

It may not be the most perfect comeback release we could have hoped for, but 'Always Tomorrow' gives plenty to get your teeth into from the very start. With a renewed and almost glossy atmosphere taking up prime surface area on this new album, it feels like the break has done them good and they are feeling ready to start the next chapter in their career.

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