Best Coast - 'California Nights'


Ever since bursting onto the scene with their internationally acclaimed debut 'Crazy For You' back in 2010, Californian duo Best Coast have been the ultimate purveyors of sun-kissed, blissed-out indie-pop. With their overly relaxed attitude to songwriting, both of their previous full-length have been a laid-back attempt at the popular grunge scene of the West Coast, but with their third effort, the amps have been turned up to eleven and they have delivered their loudest album to date.

From the start, 'California Nights' is the band's party record. Its rapturous choruses and explosive riffs have not only helped this album stand out from their previous works, but also given them a greater need to be heard. But while their new direction has clearly given them a more refined direction, the pace of the album does begin to deflate quite early on. After just a few tracks of eye-opening ferocity, the record beings to slip comfortably back into their old ways and ends up feeling too depressed too early.

While the quality of music is still great, it is this downward trajectory of emotion that leaves the listener a little underwhelmed by the end. A solid attempt from this consistent pair but not one that lives up to their catalog thus far.

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