Bill Ryder-Jones - 'Yawn'


Since his days in The Coral, frontman and guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones has looked to pursue a more downtrodden aesthetic since the release of his 2011 debut album 'If...'. And while that release was a largely instrumental score, his records afterwards have seen him deliver a diverse array of influences, ranging from his traditional indie roots through to folk and more sombre atmospheric numbers. But despite his eclectic nature over the years, the main theme that has tied all his works together, is that of sadness. And so the frontman looks to pour his raw emotions out on his fourth full-length 'Yawn', a far more honest and personal release in his catalogue.

Ryder-Jones has admitted on many occasions that his own sadness remains the catalyst in which he writes all his music, and while he has always maintained a very dark and brooding direction the process, this is the first time where he addresses his mood in lyrics of each track. With the opener 'There's Something On Your Mind' spilling the line "But there's a fortune to be had/From telling people you're sad", the frontman wears his heart on his sleeve throughout this new collection, creating a moving yet pensive record that sees him in a far more vulnerable light than we have heard before.

'Yawn' may have sound that is hard to engage with at times, but the pace and proficiency of his songwriting is second to none this time around. Building a truly cohesive and succinct release from start to finish, Ryder-Jones has delivered a heart-warming and moving LP that really seems to bring out the best in himself.

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