Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 'Wrong Creatures'


Over the years, we have seen Black Rebel Motorcycle Club evolve from a dark and menacing rock beast through their more jovial times and back again. Their sound has been this one long journey of moods and influences, always looking to keep them fresh and apart to what the majority of other acts are doing at the time. But after five years out of the studio, BRMC have found themselves in a nostalgic period as they return to their formative roots on their eighth studio album 'Wrong Creatures'.

Those that remember the incredibly dark sound of their first two records, 'B.R.M.C.' and 'Take Them On, On Your Own', will be more than familiar with what to expect on here. But while the sound of 'Wrong Creatures' may seem familiar, in a lot of cases here, the pace and rhythm of the album is frequently quickened. It still has its more sombre moments, but it genuinely feels that the band have looked to deliver more energy this time around, creating a blend of their previous intentions.

It may not have the instant hit-factor of some of their previous albums, but still has that high level of competent songwriting we have come to know them for. The five-year break may have aided their creativity, but they still lack the hunger and drive we would have expected from band out of the limelight for so long.

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