Blanck Mass - 'World Eater'


After the hype and praise he received for his 2015 album 'Dumb Flesh', producer Benjamin Power aka Blanck Mass has returned with another audio delight with his fourth studio release 'World Eater'. Yet despite his previous full-length being noted for its largely ethereal work, this new material sees the producer adopt a much harder and industrial direction that looks to blur the lines between a progressive and atmospheric release.

With the undeniably brutal nine-minute 'Rhesus Negative' pairing up the introduction with the far more serene 'Please', 'World Eater' is certainly an album with a diverse approach to ideas. While the initial singles may have given some indication as to the direction Power was taking this time round, it is only once you press play on the whole record that this true beast comes to life. With a strong influence from artists like Nine Inch Nails and modern-day Gary Numan, this new record is an instrumental juggernaut of extremes.

And while it is clear that the sudden changes in tone may not be to everyone's taste, it certainly gives us an eclectic insight into the mind of this truly unique producer. 'Dumb Flesh' may still remain his masterpiece, but 'World Eater' certainly gives it a run for its money.

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