Bloc Party - 'Hymns'


When Bloc Party first emerged on the scene back in 2005, they were met with unending recognition. What continued was a string of critically acclaimed releases up until their third full-length 'Intimacy'. After that, things got shaky as a hiatus came in while the members explored solo projects and after that, things were never the same again. Their fourth album 'Four' was as lazy as its title and this new release looks to be on that same downward trajectory.

Since 'Four', two original members Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong have now left the band, leaving both the four-piece line-up and sound equally unidentifiable. The days of the dark and brooding Bloc Party vibe are long gone as this new release attempts to form a new sound within the band's new image. Unfortunately that new vision lacks any real cohesion or development and ends up sounding like a mismatched attempt at progression.

It feels like the soul has been ripped from this band as this new material is just a hollow attempt as they try to persevere on. The warning signs were there on 'Four' and this is record just confirms that Bloc Party are truly over.

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