Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong'


As an outfit peddling themselves around the indie circuit at the latter end of the noughties, Bombay Bicycle Club were never really part of the commercial world that so many of their contemporaries were. While obviously hugely successful and with a mountainous following, they were never ones to pander to trends or chart positions in order to keep themselves relevant. Instead they would embrace a diverse and eccentric direction that set them apart from all the others, cementing them as a unique light in the indie world. And after a few years to get their minds back in the game, they have returned with their long-awaited fifth full-length 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong'.

This marks their first piece of new material since the 2014 LP 'So Long, See You Tomorrow', and to say that the world is a vastly different place than it was six years ago would be an understatement. So while the band are obviously keen to pick up where they left off, the tastes and attitudes of the public since then is not what it used to be, and instead they have looked to focus more on their more melodic and harmonious intention rather than channel recognisable riffs and hooks. This has resulted in a release that while still focused on their core sound, hasn't really got the same magic that we are used to and ends up falling flat far too often.

That is not to say that 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong' isn't an enjoyable collection as there are many moments that see them deliver wonderfully broad and exciting offerings. But with more filler than we thought they would produce after such a long break, it should be packing far more of a punch at this stage, rather than slipping quietly away as it plays.

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