Brand New - 'Science Fiction'


After we were treated to some new Brand New material earlier this year, we all began to assume that a new album would also follow. Little did we realise that the band would spring it on us without any notice whatsoever. And while the surprise drop of their fifth full-length 'Science Fiction' is nothing unusual in today's music scene, many have pieced together the clues in their intent and come to the conclusion that this may be their final release. Whether that be true or not, the band have returned with one excellent curtain-caller.

While the name Brand New is largely associated with the origins of the emo revolution in the mid 00s, the band have been away for more than eight years, and thus their personal style has evolved somewhat. Taking on a slower pace for much of the record, and little to no explosions of screams, 'Science Fiction' does have this air of closure about it. Each track plays as this end-credits single of a horror movies; slow and slightly tense, creating a cohesive release that also conjures up imagines of finality after so many years of excitement.

If this truly is the end of Brand New, then this album certainly sees them go out with a semblance of pride. Not quite the return their fans would have expected, but one that suits the tone of the moment and gives a suitable conclusion to their era-defining career.

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