Circa Waves - 'Different Creatures'


Having already proven themselves as one of the best new bands in the UK, thanks to their debut album 'Young Chasers' back in 2015, Circa Waves now venture into that notorious territory to create a worthy second full-length release. And while the album's initial singles have given us a lot to appreciate on this new record, it is only once you sit down with the record and listen in full do you understand the band's slightly progressed direction.

I used the term "slightly" deliberately as much of this release seems to mirror the sound of their debut. Nothing wrong with that of course, especially when their first album was such a breakthrough. But what we are treated to on 'Different Creatures' is a band in the middle of self-discovery and adventure within their sound. The record seems to take off-centre tangents every now and again, showing that Circa Waves are looking to break away from their formative style, but aren't quite sure of where to take it next.

While the album does have its issues with pace, the tracks themselves are still very good throughout. Each one seems to have its own appeal though, which makes for great individual listens, but play them back-to-back and you may find it a struggling listen.

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