Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 'The Tourist'


Despite being a cult name in the indie scene for more than a decade now, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are certainly a different band now than when they started off. Not just because frontman Alec Ounsworth is now the last remaining member of the band, but because without the full energy of his peers by his side, this record comes across more as the death-throws of a band that are well past their creative best.

Marking the fifth full-length from the band, 'The Tourist' may come as a surprise for those that remember the band in their prime, as what was left of their energy and exuberance has been stripped away and we are left with Ounsworth doing his best to continue the legacy on his own. The result is a largely jagged and unkempt release that has no real clue where it is going, and despite the odd moment of interest, never manages to make any real impact.

While there is still a hint of admiration to try and keep his band alive, Ounsworth just doesn't have the motivation behind him to make this a successful solo project. They have had a great run up until now but it seems that Claps Your Hands Say Yeah might be better left in their heyday.

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