The Cribs - '24-7 Rock Star Shit'


Of all the bands that have managed to survive the indie explosion of the early 2000s, The Cribs have certainly proven themselves to be one of the most resilient. Despite little to moderate commercial success, they have managed to maintain a devout fanbase and continue long past their expected dues. But with album number seven, it seems like much of their magic may finally be fading as '24-7 Rock Star Shit' proves a little too much for them.

Recruiting the talents of the legendary producer Steve Albini, the brotherly trio bring their raw and uncompromising style into the hands of the man that made Pixies and Nirvana sound so great. Yet despite their clear intentions to be rougher around the edges, the songs themselves just don't have the energy the band were once known for. Instead they seem to opt for a more snarly grunge direction that just doesn't give off the same vibe as some of their previous work.

While some tracks still make a small impact, the album is largely let down by far too much filler. Rekindling some former glory can obviously be expected from a band that has lasted this long, but '24-7 Rock Star Shit' is as infantile as its title.

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