Crystal Fighters - 'Everything Is My Family'


The Anglo-Argentine first broke onto the scene with their brilliantly unique debut album 'Star Of Love' in 2011. A record that combined the sound of Southern America with contemporary electronic influences. And while this brought them huge acclaim, they went for a far more commercial style on their follow-up 'Cave Rave', retreating to a more traditional sound that highlighted more of their Argentinian roots. Now with their third release, we see a band far more comfortable in their direction and producing yet more sun-kissed anthems.

While this record would have been a lot better to hear during the summer months, 'Everything Is My Family' is almost too joyous for its own good. While 'Star Of Love' had this underground clubbing vibe to it, this record is very much a festival release, with a bright and atmospheric tone that merges modern pop music with a carnival vibe. Yet despite their intentions, it just doesn't have much in the way of memorable content.

It is still a very fun and enjoyable release, but fails to really set itself apart, from either the big anthems they are trying to imitate or even their own back catalogue. It really is one of those records where you'll love a couple of tracks but don't really see the interest in it as a whole.

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