Daphni - 'FabricLive 93'


While the FabricLive series has been a benchmark for other producers to create a compilation of their favourite artists and best dancefloor fillers in the past, producer Daphni aka Dan Snaith took his turn on the mixtape to essentially create a new album for himself. The 'FabricLive 93' release features 27 tracks, all of which have been produced by the man himself and until now, had not been released in any way. Making this less of a conventional mixtape and more as a bundle of new material for fans that have waited five years for a follow-up to his debut Daphni album 'Jiaolong'.

Dan Snaith also operates under the pseudonym Caribou, where he releases the bulk of his conventional electronic material. But Daphni always served as the outlet for his clubbing side, releasing techno bangers ready for the clubs. And while this FabricLive mix does serve that to a degree, much of the release sees him adopt a more experimental edge. Delivering tracks that are aimed just as much at laid-back home-listening as well as the belting numbers later on in the compilation.

It seems from the outset that Daphni is looking to create a soundtrack to an entire night out. Starting with the homely vibe before kicking into the main portion of the night. It definitely makes a change to the conventional dance record, yet still manages to maintain that classic Daphni sound.

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