Deafheaven - 'Ordinary Corrupt Human Love'


Over the years, Deafheaven have proven to be one of those bands that almost anyone who has heard has a strong opinion about them. By taking the metal genre and expanding its possibilities, the group have managed to turn this normally formulaic genre into something that totally unique to themselves and unleash ideas that would normally never be considered by their contemporaries. And while their last album 'New Bermuda' was considered the triumph of their career to date, the band look to follow it up with an even more progressive direction on LP number four.

If you are unfamiliar with Deafheaven, then saying they are a metal band may come as a surprise when you switch this record on. Opening track 'You Without End' is a long, stretched-out introduction which features anthemic piano and a euphoric sense of wonder, something they are known for in their work but may seem out of place to some. Either way, once the record gets going we are treated to a glorious onslaught of thunderous drums and howling vocals that manage to ignite a fire in this record as do their best to maintain intrigue throughout its one-hour running time.

Progressive in its sensibilities, 'Ordinary Corrupt Human Love' is very much an acquired taste for many. But much like similar outfits like Fucked Up, the band have this incredible way of moving themselves creatively throughout the record, leaving you feeling surprised and fascinated throughout its journey.

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