Depeche Mode - 'Spirit'


In their almost forty year history, it is hard to imagine a sound that Depeche Mode haven't occupied in that time. From a brooding industrial outfit to chart-topping popstars, the band have always been on the lookout for new and interesting ways to define themselves. And while their 2013 album 'Delta Machine' saw them adopt a familiarity with the ongoing EDM movement of the time, this new material sees them stick to an electronic direction, but with far more grit thrown in as well.

Seeking a very techno-orientated style for this release, 'Spirit' seems to show us an amalgamation of their various guises to date, all wrapped up in one full-length record. And while it does make for a broad and varied listen, the main focus of the album breathes a whole new life into their downtrodden demeanour as they look to take potshots at the current political climate as well. It seems that rebellion has no expiry date as the fire and passion that still remains within this band is still very much alive and well.

While its multi-angled direction does make for a convoluted pace, the atmosphere of this record is very much the core of its sound. Conjuring up dark and sinister images throughout, 'Spirit' is a true return to form from these apparently unstoppable gents.

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