Dirty Little Secrets: Who are this year's Glastonbury secret shows?

Every year, Glastonbury aims to bring together the biggest line-up of legendary and contemporary names in music for one weekend of sheer audial bliss. But over the last decade, the festival has also made a name for itself by booking secret appearances for some of the world's biggest names to usually perform on far more modest stages than they are used to. Radiohead, Pulp, and many others have graced the event's legendary Park Stage to make an unlisted appearance over the years, but with the festival already cancelled for 2018 and rumours of it moving off-site for 2019, organisers have proposed that there may be far more secret shows happening this year than in the past. In fact, some are saying that as many as ten unannounced appearances are due to take place over the weekend.

So with that in mind, the rumour mill has stirred up some absolute beauties as to whom might be playing an unexpected show over the next few days. Thankfully we've dug through the dirt and come up with a selection of eclectic names that just might be heading to Worthy Farm after all.

Liam Gallagher


Well to be honest, this one was a secret until just a few weeks ago when the Manchester hero blurted it out on the radio. Still although we all now know that he is performing, like with all secret sets, his announcement of when and where isn't likely to appear until a few hours before. So while you might be desperate to see him, there is not much of a chance of being able to plan ahead here.

Manic Street Preachers


This one seems like the most likely of all the rumours this year. The band are of course favourites for the festival, and will be playing just down the road in Bristol on the Thursday. So it wouldn't be too much trouble for them to head 15 minutes down the M4 to make it to the site sometime over the weekend.

Circa Waves


This one also seems fairly in the bag given that according to efestivals.co.uk, the band have actually been confirmed to play at Glastonbury but their times and stages remain TBC. They have of course recently been touring their latest album so will very much be stage-ready this weekend.

The Maccabees


Despite the band having to go on the record and say they will not be playing, many are still in the belief that this is a double-bluff. The band are currently undergoing their farewell tour and it would be mad of them to pass up playing Glastonbury for the very last time. If they do make it on stage though, expect an emotional performance from the gents as well.

Guns N Roses


This one I'm pretty sure is just wishful thinking. While the band are engaged in an extensive UK tour at the moment, the idea of them playing a secret show seems pretty far fetched. Given that these shows are usually squeezed in amongst the regular performances, I can't imagine Axl Rose working to such a tight deadline.

Arcade Fire


Until a few weeks ago, the idea of Arcade Fire making a secret appearance would have been laughable. But since the band recently did just that at Primavera Sound, all bets are now off. The group are due to release their next album very soon so I'm sure that many will be hoping for this one to come true.

Harry Styles


While One Direction are certainly not Glastonbury material, Harry Styles has been going under a bit of a transformation since leaving the group. Much like when Robbie Williams originally left Take That in the 90s, Styles is hoping to attract a more mature audience, which would make him a pretty good fit for the Glastonbury stalwarts.

Stevie Nicks / Christine McVie / Lindsey Buckingham


Fleetwood Mac were hard favourites to be announced for this year, but it wasn't meant to be. But given that members Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham recently released a collaborative album, there is all the chance of a small reunion set to take place at this year's event. Maybe another case of wishful thinking given that McVie recently stated that the band aren't in the best place right now, but we can always hope.

Barack Obama


Glastonbury has a rich history of political commentators making appearances on stage. After the Dalai Lama made a speech last year, and Jeremy Corbyn already announced to do something similar this year, many are suggesting that Barack Obama may also like to make an appearance. The former President has been very vocal about the now President Trump's actions of climate change in recent weeks, and as Glastonbury is a chief supporter of Greenpeace, it would make sense for Obama to make some kind of appearance over the weekend.


There we have it. The best rumours for secret sets at this year's Glastonbury. Although there is a strong chance of these being at least 50% false, I'm hoping that the case for each is convincing enough for those going to at least expect more than a couple to make an appearance, making it a truly memorable year for the festival.