DJ Shadow - 'The Mountain Will Fall'


As one of the most pioneering producers of the last few decades, DJ Shadow has certainly managed to bring experimentalism and commercial success together throughout his career. And while we haven't seen a full album from him since 2011 'The Less You Know, The Better', he has always been a huge part of the underground electronic movement as he returns to deliver his latest full-length 'The Mountain Will Fall'.

His direction has certainly been diverse over the last couple of records, but this time seems like he's finally found his footing on his ideas. Illustrated by the Tarrantino-esque 'Nobody Speak', the producer is less about a genre and more about creating something unique to him. As a result, this album is a clash of the analogue and digital, merging classic sounds and influences with a new-age direction that only someone of his calibre could pull off.

It is definitely a return to form for the turntablist aficionado and sees him take on new ground in the process. The addition of notable guests like Run The Jewels and Nils Frahm certainly adds more, but let's be honest, this is his show.

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