Drenge - 'Strange Creatures'


When Drenge released their 2015 sophomore album 'Undertow', it felt like a tide had turned in modern indie-rock. With its kinetic energy and bold ideas, the record was heralded as a milestone for both the band and British rock music as a forward-thinking and expressive collection of unquestionable brilliance. Now almost four years later, the duo look to follow up their previous masterpiece with 'Strange Creatures', a sonically brave release but one that just doesn't seem as well held together as their previous full-length.

Opening up with the uncharacteristically art-rock single 'Bonfire Of The City Boys', the group are certainly returning to make plenty of noise on their third LP. Yet despite its vicious and tenacious attitude from the very start, much of this new record seems disjointed and at times rudderless when it comes to direction. Each track seems so intent on making itself stand out that the cohesive nature of their previous work seems lost on here as they move from one interesting track to the next, but never make the effort to feel that these cuts all belong together side by side.

While it is plain to hear that Drenge are looking to recapture that same intensity from their earlier work, the lack of fixed direction makes it hard to really dive head first into this new collection. Engaging in small doses, but not one that feels like they have a handle on where to go and how they want to sound in 2019.

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