At The Drive In - 'Diamanté'


It seems that after so many years in the dark, At The Drive In fans have almost been spoilt for choice these last few months. After releasing 'in•ter a•li•a', their first studio album in seventeen years, back in May, the math-rock veterans have already returned with a new EP. Released as a limited edition exclusive for Record Store Day's Black Friday event last week, the EP has now made its way around the internet and readily available for almost anyone to stream. So we thought we'd give it a go.

The first striking difference between this EP and their most recent album is that this seems to be more of a collection of offcuts from that previous release. Three new works that seem to have very little in common with one another, and seem to solely serve the purpose of just creating more content for their illustrious comeback. While opener 'Amid Ethics' sees the band at their tenacious best, the following singles 'Despondent At High Noon' and 'Point Of Demarkation' just seem to miss the mark on what the band is most loved for.

More of a collectible than anything fans would be lining up to play until the needle went blunt, 'Diamanté' is simply a bonus disc for their latest album. Nothing you would have wanted to see on the original release but also not much of a prize on its own.

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