Ezra Furman - 'Twelve Nudes'


As one of the most prolific artists working together, having released an average of nearly one record per year for the last decade, Ezra Furman has always projected the idea of being a chameleon on musical intentions. With each release, we are gifted with a new perspective to his style and sound as he forever looks to find a new sonic aesthetic to fit his current state of mind. And after a run of incredible records these last few years, he now returns with 'Twelve Nudes', a self-proclaimed punk album that sees him add a far more visceral touch to his usually melancholic approach.

While he admits that his previous LP 'Transangelic Exodus' was a more of a ball of pent-up rage than he usually likes to explore, 'Twelve Nudes' most certainly continues that ferocious theme, but instead of glossing it over with subtle eccentricities, it wears its emotions on its sleeve as he screams and shouts his way through this bold and vibrant new collection. Taking cues from acts like Against Me and Slaves, Furman's dabbling in the punk arena is less about speed and pace, and more about channeling his raw and uncompromising feelings through a guise of passionate songwriting.

Ezra Furman has always tried to stay one step ahead of audience expectations, and this new release certainly has that in spades. 'Twelves Nudes' feels less like a brief exploration of an rarely ventured sound, and more like the beginning of something new for the frontman. He seems so much more at ease in this realm than we have heard before, making for a genuinely intriguing return.

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