Factory Floor - '25 25'


When Factory Floor released their self-titled debut album back in 2013, the techno scene was treated to one of the great new acts of this decade. With a collection of strong and instantly recognisable tracks, the album was seen as a breakthrough and the return to brilliant simplicity within the genre. Now down to just a two-piece, Factory Floor are back to deliver their highly-anticipated sophomore full-length '25 25', and from the initial listen, it seems they have gone even further down the minimal route.

The band were never that adventurous to start with, basing much of their work on loops to create a fully immersive and easy to follow sound. This new album however seems to have taken that premise to the next level as each track seems to have an almost unending repetition running through it, mixed in with the odd flare of distortion and delay. Much like what Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers were experimenting with in the 90s, Factory Floor have tried to recreate the same level of interest but with far more mixed results.

While each track is enjoyable in parts, the lack of diversity and breaks on this record can make it feel like a marathon of a listen. Each track finishes as it starts, with very little difference in between, leaving much of the material falling flat after a few minutes. Still, a catchy return which will no doubt work incredibly well in a live setting.

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