Father John Misty - 'Pure Comedy'


Returning with the third studio album under his Father John Misty guise, frontman Josh Tillman has been making some serious political waves since his last full-length 'I Love You, Honeybear'. With a swathe of previews hoisting up this new release, it is clear that Tillman has been far more affected by recent world events than most other artists, and as a result aims to lampoon and mock the state of things in a way only he knows how.

Opening up with the record's title-track 'Pure Comedy', he delivers what could only be described as an ode to humanity. Taking aim at the foolish things we have done and still do throughout our existence, yet making sure that his intended target comes across more ignorant than dangerous. Essentially this is a record that looks to make fools of us all, but with a serious intent behind. The comedy that he sings about throughout the release is more akin to the feeling of hilarity you experience after seeing someone do something incredibly stupid, thus summing up our feelings towards humanity as a whole.

Yet while he paints a very gloomy picture throughout, his deposition and songwriting on this album is incredibly uplifting, creating an almost jarring juxtaposition between his music and content. But this is just who he is and after years of experience, I believe this is the moment when his musical ambitions and hilarious personality finally found an alignment. 'Pure Comedy' is a wonderful record that somehow creates sympathy for our abhorrent existence.

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