FEATURE: Famous Musicians And Their Favourite Football Clubs

Music and football will forever be entwined in culture and popular history. Both are the bastions of the young, looking to express themselves and their identity.

Music is a great method of personal expression and who you listen to often helps to define the type of person you feel you are.

Supporting a football club is different; it’s usually an expression of where you are, rather than who. Locality, family ties or even a fondness for a certain city or town can guide you to the club you support.

What about those key musical figures who support football clubs though? Lots of famous faces have nailed their colours to the mast when it comes to following the wonderful game. We examine five such examples below.

Kasabian – Leicester City

Kasabian’s love of Leicester City, their home town, has been well documented in the past. They’ve enjoyed some incredible highs and devastating lows in recent years following their hometown team.

The Foxes were unlikely Premier League winners in 2016, lifting the trophy against odds of around 1000/1 at the beginning of the season.

However, in 2018 owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was tragically killed in a helicopter crash. Frontman Tom Meighan even attended the King Power Stadium the very next day to pay his respects, as reported by Leicestershire Live.

"They've come in, they got us out of debt, we avoided relegation, won the Premier League, and now it's this. It feels like it's died - the dream's dead now. It's horrible. It's a horrible feeling."

"I've been going to Leicester since I was six, seven years old, so it's massive.”

Liam Gallagher – Manchester City

Liam Gallagher, along with brother Noel, is a well-known Manchester City supporter who represented his hometown during the Britpop era.

Oasis were once the dominant force in British music at a time when the football club was an unfashionable third division side. Fewer young people are clamouring for Gallagher’s music these days, but Manchester City have risen to Oasis-like success.

When asked by the Manchester Evening News which he’d prefer; Manchester City winning the Champions League or Oasis reforming, his reply was; “City to win the Champions League.”

Mick Jagger – Arsenal

Mick Jagger is a Gooner, the common name for an Arsenal supporter. He was spotted in the crowd by the Telegraph at the 2017 FA Cup Final.

‘The Sound of British Football’ interactive graphic by Ladbrokes not only features Arsenal’s famous song but also how they won that final 2-1 with goals from Sánchez and Ramsey, something that would have surely given the Rolling Stones singer some satisfaction.

Adele – Tottenham Hotspur

Adele rose to prominence back in 2008 with her debut album 19, named after her age at the time. She’s since added ‘21’ and ‘25’ to that list, all number one albums that have captivated the British public.

If she were to release an album named after the football team she supported, it would be called ‘Tottenham Hotspur’. After all, she was born and raised in Tottenham and is a well-known Spurs supporter.

It must have been a tough summer for her though, watching her beloved Spurs suffer that Champions League agony against Liverpool.

Alex Turner – Sheffield Wednesday

Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys was born and raised in High Green, a suburb of Sheffield. It’s a city divided in terms of football allegiances, with both United and Wednesday vying for attention.

It’s a fierce rivalry, but one in which Turner is a self-confessed blue. The whole band are regular visitors to Hillsborough and the club’s owl crest can be found on their tour gear as well.

They once paid tribute to the former Sheffield Wednesday winger Chris Waddle at a gig in Newcastle.